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The Castle Club
The Castle Club was a private club for the Army Corps of Engineers (their logo is a castle) and was one of the first structures completed at the Project.

The Castle Club

Map - August, 1949
The Castle Club August, 1949, map

The Castle Club was purchased by Lindy Sandlin in the early '50s and moved to Heminger City. It was renovated and they made six apartments in the building.

Castle Club - Early 50s Castle Club - Early 50s Castle Club - Early 50s
The above pictures provided by Dean and Lindy Sandlin (Bomber Parents)

A lot of the rentals at that time were for the soldiers who were stationed at Camp Hanford. The building is still standing in West Richland. At one time there was a Southern Fried Chicken Restaurant on the road in front of the apartment building. There are storage units where the restaurant used to be.

Castle Club - 1958 Castle Club - 1964
The pictures above and below were provided by Dean and Lindy Sandlin

Castle Club - 1964 Castle Club - 1964

In 1964 -- with Flat Top in the background.
Castle Club - 1964 - Flat Top in the background
The above picture provided by Dean and Lindy Sandlin

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The Castle Club