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Richland Churches

Richland Methodist Church
Richland Methodist Church - 1944
504 Goethals (renamed Jadwin in 1961)
This building was the Richland Methodist Church - one of two original churches in old Richland.
It was being used for storage in May of 1945 when Redeemer Lutheran was granted permission by the government to use the church. They used it until the Fall of 1951.

Looking SE - 1949
Above picture provided by Jimmie Shipman ('51)
October 24, 1948 - Ground broken for the South Side United Protestant Church above -- in the foreground.

The steeple church is green on the map below... Belfrey church is red.

Map - location of 2 churches
The above map was scanned and "colored" by Burt Pierard ('59)

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Catholic Church in 1944

December 24, 1944 ~ Rev. Father Sweeney held the first Mass.

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Protestant Church in 1944 ~ Protestant Church in the 50s
December 24, 1944 ~ First Service
January 6, 1945 ~ United Protestant church dedicated.
Dr. Thomas Scheson, Pastor, Rev. Kenneth Ball, assistant pastor.

Central United Protestant
1124 Stevens Drive (same loation as "Protestant" above)
Pictures below taken by Patti Jones Ahrens ('60)
CUP - 2002 ~ CUP - 2002

Northwest United Protestant

Sacramento Boulevard
Pictures below taken by Patti Jones Ahrens ('69)
NWUP - 2002 ~ NWUP - 2002

Westside United Protestant

Church Westside United Protestant - 1955
Westside United Protestant Church
Looking from the corner of Wright and Lee

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Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints, aka Mormons
LDS Church in 1955

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Redeemer Lutheran
Thayer Drive
Redeemer Lutheran - 1955

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Richland Baptist
1632 George Washington Way
On Nov 30,1948 ground breaking was held for the first Richland Baptist church building on the corner of GWWay and Wordrop St. The building was composed of three units from the Hanford Hospital of the Manhattan Project that were moved to the site.

Richland Baptist - 1948
The above picture provided by Jimmie Shipman ('51)

October 23, 1953 ground breaking was held for a new church sanctuary pictured below which was completed in 1954 and burned down on August 13, 1977. The front of the church in the photo below faced GWWay.

Richland Baptist Church - 1955

The old church building of 1948 then served as the education building.

On Feb 27 1972 ground breaking ceremonies were held for the new educational building. The building was dedicated on May 18-21, 1972. The original building of 1948 was torn down to make way for the new education building.

Richland Baptist Church - 1979
The above picture provided by Jimmie Shipman ('51)

October, 1978 construction was started on a new sanctuary which was dedicated on November 18, 1979. The sanctuary is still with us. The new church entrance is on Wordrop Street

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All Saints Episcopal Church

Church #1 - 1955

History of All Saints Episcopal

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Richland Assembly Church
aka Assembly of God Church

1110 Stevens Drive (across the street from the Catholic Church)
Pictures taken by Patti Jones Ahrens ('60)

Assembly Church #1 - 2002~Assembly Church #2 - 2002~Assembly Church #3 - 2002

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