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George Washington Way and Lee Boulevard

GWWay and Lee in 1909

Amon Bldg - 1943
from Tales of Richland, White Bluffs & Hanford 1805-1943 by Martha Berry Parker
On the NE corner of Lee and GWWay is the building that was Amon's Bank from 1909 to 1930. It was built in 1906. (The top story has been removed.)
From left: Richland Cash Store, Yedica's last location after his fourth fie in 1931. Elmer Fnkle (1938), O.K. Purdy (1941), Mac Kaulitz (1941), Yedica again ('1941), and Walt Shepard ('1941) were the final operators of the firm before the government turned it into offices for their engineers. Othes in the grocery business in Ricyland were W.R.Lamb (1905), R.L. Edgington (1907), Yedica's Square Deal (1909).
Center: Pool Hall; after the bank closed finally in 1934, Frank Capehart opened the Richland club, which served lunches, beer on tap, soft drinks, sold confections and tobacco, and had a room for playing cards (1035). Others in the Poool Hall business in Richland were: Chester Wheelhouse bought A. Barteell's hall (1927), Jack McLoughlin (1932).
Right: (canopied doorway) Benton Water Offices until 1926, post office 1926 to 1940.

GWWay and Lee in 1943

GWWay and Lee - 1/25/44

GWWay and Lee in 1968

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