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June 2, 1944 ~ Richland Hospital opened on Swift.
July 2, 1944 ~ Richland Hospital named Kadlec Hospital.
It was named in memory of Lt.Colone H.R. Kadlec, deputy engineer assigned to the project.
He was the first patient to pass away in the new hospital.

Kadlec under construction

Kadlec Methodist Hospital
Kadlec in the 40s (Dental Clinic right foreground)

Kadlec Methodist Hospital
Kadlec (part of the Dental Clinic on the leff)
The above picture scanned by Leland Upson ('63)

May 1, 1948 ~ Room Rates Increased
Semi private (3 to 5 beds): $7.00/day
Semi private (2 beds): $7.50/day

Kadlec Hospital - 1955

Hanford Engineer Works Construction Hospital Plans
Hanford Construction Camp Hospital  Plans

Hanford Engineer Works Construction Hospital
Hanford Construction Camp Hospital

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