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North Richland
North Richland - looking North
The above picture provided by Jimmie Shipman ('51)
If you look closely, you can see the 300 Area in the background

North Richland Trailer Camp
The above picture scanned by Burt Pierard ('59)
In 1947, construction of a trailer camp in North Richland bacame a top priority in an effort to house the expanded work force. On this windless day, sheets and towels dry on clotheslines across from the community shower and laundry buildings of the completed camp. These structures were built at regular intervals throughout the facility.

June 30, 1955 ~ the U.S. Army acquired the property at
North Richland and renamed it Army Camp Hanford.
September 8, 1964 ~ City of Richland purchased 393.7 North Richland acerage for $50,505.

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North Richland