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U.S. Post Office - Richland, WA

Post Office in the Amon Bldg. - 1929 to 1940
The Amon Building. NE corner of GWWay and Lee Blvd.
Right: (canopied doorway) Post Office 1926 to 1940

E.C. Peddicord, Postmaster beginning in 1940

U.S. Post Office - 1/25/44
E.C. Peddicord, Postmaster

U.S. Post Office - Richland, WA

April 24, 1944 ~ Occupied the space at George Washington Way and Knight Street.
July 10, 1944 ~ Post Office announced start of mail delivery.

Post Office - 1955
Corner of George Washington Way and The Parkway

Post Office - 1965
Post Office in the Federal Building

Post Office - circa 1990

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U.S. Post Office - Richland, WA